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The Sente Playbook
The Sente Playbook

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Innovation Off the Clock: The Sente Model

Kate Boyd
Every other Monday, usually right before lunchtime, the Sente principals have a “client huddle” meeting. It's a ritual that sets the tone for the week ahead. At the start of the meeting, armed with mugs of coffee and tea, we log into Teams, turn on the cameras and open our project notes for each client.

This is a good time for “next steps” planning and understanding the shape of our week’s cadences. We tend to stay pretty high level but we get a good sense of how things are moving.

And (and this is the most fun for me) this also a forum for show-and-tell.

While we certainly exchange notes throughout the week, the client huddle is often where a prototype will go from ideation stage to “What will the client see?” and “How will the lawyers use it?”. And inevitably, someone will interject with, "Wouldn't it be cool if we added this...?" — sparking a deep dive into potential solutions.

Why is this important?

Innovation is messy.
We get excited. Then we get stuck.
We try something that seems like it will be easy but it fails (or the required steps are so convoluted, the solution doesn’t actually solve the problem).
We think something is impossible and then it works (and is cooler than we imagined).
And of course, there are the times when what worked last time just doesn’t work this time due to unforeseen variables.

It is easy to get frustrated. Frustrated with the tools, with the process, even the team.

But it’s important to remember, through the messiness, comes growth, learning, and invaluable experience. Each misstep paves the way for smoother projects in the future.

That’s why we huddle.

But this is also why we have a flat fee approach to our consulting.

A flat fee means we're not constrained by hourly rates. When a client presents a problem, we focus on solutions, not on counting hours. We don't halt development because we've exhausted a predetermined time limit; we persist until the solution meets our standards. And when inspiration strikes, we explore new avenues without hesitation, knowing that creativity thrives without the constraints of a ticking clock.

Our client reviews often begin with a recap of previous discussions and demonstrations of the client and lawyer experience. Yet, they frequently end with an excited, "But wait, there's more!" — showcasing our commitment to continually enhancing solutions.

And, for our clients, I think that’s also where the fun begins.

We're not just designers, developers, or project managers. We're innovators.

We embrace messiness, knowing that it's through trial and error that we refine our craft. We push boundaries, striving to create experiences that surpass expectations.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t be fun.

If you are looking for an innovation partner, get in touch. We’d be happy to huddle with you.

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